There are 3 PASSAGES, about 800-1000 words for each passage. Each passage contains 12-15 questions to complete. Most of the reading passages are about strange topics with lots of terminology that we do not have knowledge about. However, the goal of this test is not to evaluate the breadth of your knowledge, but your comprehensive skills. Therefore it is unnecessary to feel worried when reading a very long and complicated text. Get to know the skills and steps for each kind of question and you can conquer IELTS Reading Tests.

There are 8 types of questions that are going to be mentioned:

Summary Completion

FORMAT There are TWO types of this kind of questions: Complete the summary with words TAKEN FROM THE PASSAGE Complete ...
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FORMAT OF TASK You may be asked to choose ONE answer out of FOUR options TWO answers out of FIVE ...
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SAMPLE DISAPPEARING DELTA A. The fertile land of the Nile Delta is being eroded along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast at an ...
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Match the headings

The task is to match 5-7 headings to paragraphs in the text. There are always MORE HEADINGS than the paragraphs ...
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