Learning English

ENGLISH – a very common term for most of the students all over the world as well as those in Vietnam – is regarded  as a subject at almost all Vietnamese schools, colleges and universities. However, learning and teaching English is now still a big issue that the Vietnamese government along with the citizens are worried about. How to learn English effectively is a question that all of English learners want to find the answers for.

From my stand, learning English is not learning a subject, but a skill in daily life. It is like you learn how to drive a car or how to cook a dish. Approach English as a hobby and you will find that it is easier than you expect. Why do we need to open the book to learn all the new words, spend hours doing all the exercises and listening to lots of academic recordings, etc. All of boring things will discourage you from “making friends” with English right at the beginnnig. That can be a banner in English you see on the street, try to read it and learn a new word if it does appear; that can be a short fun music recording or a favorite song in English; that can be a small article that you feel interested in. Once you have the love with English, you can go further. Actually, my first motivation to learn English when I was young was that I just want to PRONOUNCE an English word, NOT SPEAKING English. Just that simple!